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Welcome to “FrenchIBTeachers”!

Welcome to “FrenchIBTeachers”!
“FrenchIBTeachers” is a Wiki where French teachers can share resources.
It has been created for IB teachers but any French teacher is welcome to collaborate and share resources. One page is dedicated to general links and all the others are organized by topics. For each topic you are encouraged to post songs, movies, interesting links, books, articles, poems or activities that you found useful. It also has a place where you can
share which past papers were relevant to the topic listed. Feel free to also add assessment activities or online tools.
Right now this project is at the beginning stage but as more teachers join in it will hopefully become a very powerful tool for all of us who teach French as a foreign language.
You are invited to view one of the pages with resources (right now only “La famille”, l’argent" and "l'environnement" have resources) and to contribute to them. To add to the page all you have to do is to click on the “Edit” button. When you are done with your posting click on “save” and your contribution will be ready to be viewed by our professional learning community.
Feel free to either contribute to one of the topics listed or to start a new page.
I have noticed that one of the most viewed Forum on the OCC Website is an offer from Kate Seiler to share her IB Level curriculum. Since it seems to be of a huge interest to so many I have also added a page where I hope many will upload their curriculum to share.

Thank you to all who are taking the time to collaborate to this project.